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Saturday, March 19, 2011

No "Fly" Zone? No Sh__!

Got your attention? Think about this?  My Daddy always said, "Boy, (he was fond of calling me boy, I think maybe he forgot my name once in a while) flys only buzz around sugar and horse sh__ (manure) and you ain't sweet!  That is exactly my point.  Are we to believe an Administration who has lied repeatedly to the American public for the past two years.  How about we just use a little ol' good common horse sense.  Here's my case for "Horse Sense"!

Japan has an earthquake.  Japan has a Tsunami.  Japan started WWII in secret, (Is Japan really telling the truth? Does a leopard change it's spots?) Japan has nuclear plants with problems.  The prevailing winds on earth blow West to East.  The United States is to the East of Japan.*  The administration of BHO, POTUS, says we have nothing to worry about. **(+)

Some recent lies and mis-statements of  BHO, POTUS, are:

BHO, I'll buy a new pair of shoes and walk the picket line with my union brothers and sisters.  Missed him in Wisconsin.
BHO, I'll close Gitmo in a year if you elect me POTUS.  Last time I checked Gitmo was still open.
BHO, Obamacare will reduce premiums for the American consumer.  Again, last time I checked my premium for health insurance went up.  Check out California, it's average health premium was reportedly to go up for some as much as 39%. Clik here.  Of course this isn't going to happen, Clik here!  Kathleen Sibelius has gotten into the fray.
BHO, I will not rest until this crisis is resolved,  POTUS said that about the Gulf oil spill, the Wisconsin protests, and the budget crisis.  Today BHO is in Brazil  with his wife, children and MIL. Can you say, V A C A T I O N?
BHO,  And, my personal favorite, I am sending the Vice POTUS to Congress to help settle the budget problem.  Where is Joe "bite my tongue" Biden today?
BHO, Timothy Geithner is an honest man.  He's an accountant who just forgot to pay his income taxes.

No "Fly" Zone, really now who do you believe? I don't see any sugar in this picture so it must be.....well, you decide.  I'll report.

God Bless America!
* Nuclear Plant locations in the United States
** Concerned Nuclear Scientists Report  scroll down a little bit
+ On the above page, Concerned Nuclear Scientists Report the Center Headline article is also an excellent article for Conservatives who are Outraged.

One last item, please welcome on board my good friend and fellow blogger Cookie of The Cook Shack.  If you are looking for good Gab & Grub stop by and say Hi! 

UPDATE:  No "fly".  Well don't say I didn't tell you.  Cruise missles do not make up a no fly zone.  You think we don't all ready have military agents on the ground now!  Just another Middle East mess we've gotten into and don't need to be there.  I just had a long talk with my warrior (now safely home) and just like the Viet Cong he agrees, you can't tell the civilians from the non-civilians it doesn't matter what country you are in.  No body wears a black hat or a white hat anymore.  
Pray for America!


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Most Rev. Gregori said...

Pops, welcome to the club, my father always called me "boy" also. I grew up thinking I was black.

As for the rest, the beat goes on, lies on top of lies. We just cannot trust anyone anymore, except G-d.

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