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Sunday, March 13, 2011

$4.00, $5.00, $6.00 Where's it Going to STOP!

Breaking News: PJ CROWLEY RESIGNS Clik here  Posted at A very interesting blog with some decent reporting.

Now on with the concern of oil and gas.  Since BHO has taken over as POTUS gas prices in this country have risen by 37 percent.  CNN, (known in some circles as Clintion News Network) has a very interesting by a well known writer Roland Martin.  In the article Mr. Martin who's political leanings are aligned with that of CNN's, flatly states POTUS is out in left field on this one!  I should point out that Mr. Maring has in the past defended American Blacks against the left.  Most notably Michael Steele, previous head of the Republican party and others against those who would say and said they were "Uncle Toms".  On a personal note I find Mr. Martin a very interesting and intriguing writer who is somewhat "Fair and Balanced".

Pertaining to the rise in oil and gas White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said other factors, like whether there's a "major disruption in the flow of oil," will have to be considered (before releasing our reserves).  "It's an option we are considering. But there are a number of factors that go into it, and it is not price-based alone," Carney said. "I wouldn't look to a price threshold." COMMENT:  My G-d man, what do you need $5.00 a gallon gas!  I would also remind readers POTUS is on record as supporting $5.00 gas before he became POTUS.  I have seen the video and am searching for it to post.  This will drive Americans to buy more "green" cars he says.  Does Chevy Volt, aka GM bailout sound somewhat strange now?  Follow the bouncing ball people.

Once again, POTUS  has show his complete lack of the ability to make a decision.  Going clear back to taking Federal Funds or not taking Federal Funds for the campaign, until he found his union bosses would spend millions in his behalf, up to the point of make no decisions regarding his good friend and fellow dictator MOOMAR KADAFFY he simply can not make a decision.  The unfortunate result of his inability to make decisions is the rising price of gas in the Untied States.  This as most liberals don't understand or admit to is hurting the very people he and the liberal democrats say they support,  the poor and downtrodden.  Middle class Americans may not like spending $4 and $5 for gas however, they will adjust.  The poor like some of my wife's patients living on meager Social Security checks will have to make major decisions.  Some of these decisions may be life threatening.  Whether to by much needed medicine or food to survive.  Does the words "death panel" come to mind.

So as a friend of mine told me last week regarding a personal issue, "Man up" BHO, or as my father was so fond of saying, Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way!

By the way this middle class semi retiree has made two pledges this year.  One is to NOT observe Meatless Monday.  I vow to eat some type of meat every Monday this year.  The second is NOT to do fast food more than once a month.  So far so good on both.  You see I have made an adjustment regarding the rising cost of gas.  I pray for those who do not have that opportunity.

Martin article at CNN


Adrienne said...

He needs to go away.

When I see how much it costs to fill our car (and we drive very little), I have no idea of how a person who has to drive to a job 5 or 6 days a week manages.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Pops, Obama has only one goal and that is to destroy America. It isn't that he can't make decisions on things, it is that he won't. He is out to collapse the system plain and simple.

I am now at the point where it is coming down to food or rent, but I am lucky I have my sons if worse comes to worse.

People better wake up and realize that Obama and his entire administration are evil incarnate.

Steve Ballmer said...

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