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Saturday, September 18, 2010

What in the World !!!

Once again I hang my head in shame.  Again, what was once the Great State of Ohio has lost is greatness and some of its people have gone completely insane.  I refer to the recent embarrassing decision of the burg of Andover, Ohio's trustees to cancel a Tea Party rally on Constitution Day.  DUH!  You can read the complete article here.

My second, hang my head in shame is the Ohio State football team.  After a thrilling start of the football season beating  non-ranked football team Marshall, then 12th ranked Miami (Fl), they go on to defeat little Ohio University by a 43-7 score.  I feel so bad for the young OU players who are like sheep going to slaughter.Why am I hanging my head on this.  It's embarrassing that's why.  Ever since Jim Tressel became coach scheduling small colleges for "turn ups" has become the norm.  Having said that, I am no Jim Tressel fan,  I deplore the contract of over 1 million American dollars he is paid. The university's average teachers salary is 50K.  I deplore the fact he AND his wife receive free cars (can't he make a car payment on a 1M salary?).  I deplore the "guaranteed bonus" he is paid for having a good season.  What does bonus mean? How about do well and receive something.  What does guarantee  means? You're going to get it anyway.  Does the Ohio State Board of  Directors think the public is that DUMB!  And lastly but not leastly, (my new word), I deplore the big deal that was made of Coach Tressel wearing a WWJD bracelet.  I believe Jesus rode on a donkey and paid his own way.  I guess I am not really a fan of college football where young kids are exploited for the gains of a college. Yes, I know some go on to a great pro career.  Most never finish college and that's a fact!

Well, that's my personal shame, that and soon to be ex-Senator George Voinovich another RINO.

Speaking of RINOs.  Wasn't Christine O'Donnell's victory over RINO Mike Castle something to be proud of!  Now!  We see what has taken over the Republican Party.  With the likes of Florida Governor, Charlie Crist showing his true colors early this year in switching to become a liberal independent.  Now , Lisa Murkowski, wants to play the role of sore loser and become a write-in candidate.  Oh Please, and currently last but maybe not really last,  the spoiled brat, Mike Castle refuses to make a conciliatory phone call to Ms. O'Donnell or support her candidacy.  Can you say,  SOUR GRAPES!  

I will say this, if Michael Steele and other alleged leaders in the Republican Party don't get it by now they must be sleeping.  It would behoove Mr. Steele and the rest of the "we think we know better" Republican hierarchy to get their act together.  Start by explaining to the above listed cry baby, spoiled brats, they got beat fair and square.  They got beat on their past records and what the voters thought they would vote for in the future.  They need to open their eyes to the Tea Party movement or they need to  turn in their ID cards 'cause they are history.   The Tea Party people ain't gonna go way folks.

Tea Party Candidate Help Wanted Ad:

Man or woman
Black, White, Hispanic, Oriental, Christian, Jew or other
Qualities such as; honesty, values, integrity, high morals, willingness to read the complete bill before voted on,  and supporter of the Constitution as it reads, not as some ACLU attorney tries to twist it, will be given extra credit.  Good ol' comon horse sense is helpful also.

No baby killers
No Tax increasers
No gun restrictors, need apply.

No phone calls please, just get out and campaign and urge people to vote  Conservative !!!

God Bless America and all the military who keep us safe


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Adrienne said...

Pops - your new page is positively effervescent...

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Pops, I love your new look.

Even if you didn't take the Constitution Quiz, I'll make sure you are not deported because you are a true patriot in my book.

If you think it is shameful having the trustees cancel a Tea Party rally on Constitution Day, I think it was worse when Obama, speaking to a group of Hispanics omitted the fact our rights come from God when he was quoting the Declaration of Independence. And I don't believe it was done by mistake either.

ABNPOPPA said...

Thanks for the comment on the blog design. Blogging for dummies 101. LOL

MRG, I agree with you. I would love to see the video and post it here if you run across it.


Harry said...

Living all my life in Michigan, and being a graduate of Michigan State University (a long time ago) I can't shed any tears over Ohio State. Besides, I've been mourning the Lions for as long as I can remember.

MightyMom said...

just because I love you....

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