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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I Don't Get It!!!

I don’t get it.  Why is President Barrack Hussein Obama campaigning around the country on my (and your) tax dollars saying he is going to spend more of our tax dollars when we are nearly bankrupt!  What I really don’t get and what really ticks me off is some, not all Conservatives  and their media counterparts.  That’s right some Conservatives are really ……..making me ……ah….upset!  Why?

Only one reason, they are absolutely wrong about this President.  Wrong, Wrong, Wrong!!!  What they are wrong about is about this President not getting it.  Excuse me!  Newsflash!  He Gets It!  He knows exactly what he is doing.  To make matters worse he wants to do what he is doing.  He wants and is destroying this country.  How can he not want it.  You have a black father married to a white woman and your father leaves you.  It ain’t likely mom is going to speak highly of him.  Remember this was 40 years ago.  A mixed marriage was ostracized  in those days.  It was treated as your cousin getting pregnant at 16 and going to Florida to visit her aunt for 6 or 7 months.

He was raised by his grandparents whom were probably like most Americans embarrassed by the marriage and spoke about the prejudice this marriage brought about.  Your are a youth growing up with anger in your heart and searching for something in your life.  In come a rebel with a cause in the makings of a college professor who seizes young minds and hearts like a lion seizes a gazelle.  You now have a young Socialist, Communist, Progressive or whatever tag you want to hang on him.  What you do have is an angry young man who dislikes his childhood and the people and the country he was raised in. 

He wants to destroy it all.  The end justifies the means!  Destroy this country, and people whatever the  cost.  His mind is that of a Homicide Bomber.  Yes, I will die but I will take the infidels with me.  The only difference is  he won’t die.  He will be the King Louie and Machelle Antoinette.  Living the life until the rebellion comes of like King Nero.  Fiddle away while Rome burns, simply lost in the vision of his own mindless mind!

So don’t say he Doesn’t get it.  Oh he gets it he just  plain doesn’t care!



Subvet said...

When I look at B.O. I see a classic case of affirmative action hiring.

Is the job candidate short on talent & experience? No problem, his skin color is right and he'll grow into the job.

Does he fail to deliver as promised? Must be the fault of his predecessors or some racist who is lying in the weeds taking potshots at our hero.

Is he unable to stand on his own? Okay, we'll prop him up. He can't help it, he's merely a product of his enviornment.

He doesn't get rehired? Racists! Racists everywhere! Nothing but racists running the show and no hope for anyone not fitting their ideal!

Look for a followup in the years to come as B.O. becomes "President-in-exile". He'll be constantly sought for his views on the issues and we'll be treated to a steady diet of "If only he'd been allowed to succeed."

Call me a bigot, but thats my opinion. So far I see nothing to refute it.

Now excuse me, I gotta go hurl.

Subvet said...

I forgot to add: My thoughts don't contradict what you're saying. This guy IS an America hating jerk who DOES want the country brought to it's knees. Where his lack of brains and incompetence kicks in is when he believes it's actually the right thing to do.

Kind of like Jimmy Carter on steroids.

ABNPOPPA said...

That a Roger on that Subvet!

Jeff-for-progress said...

I dissent on all of this.

ABNPOPPA said...


Jeff, fp,

You have an opinion, I know you do. Tell us what it is!


Most Rev. Gregori said...

Yes Pops, He does get it and he absolutely does know what he is doing, but something you didn't mention is the fact that his mother and both of her parents were communists and were being monitored by the FBI.

His Kenyan Father was also a communist, as was his step-father.

So whatever his reasons, he knows what he is doing, and the rest of our elected officials are complicit because they refuse to put a stop to Obama's treason.

Anonymous said...

He's just another boring one term president. He'll be gone soon enough...possibly replaced by someone just as boring.

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