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Sunday, May 2, 2010

CNN Blasts barrack hussein obama

This is just to hot not to postFellow bloggers and readers,  send this post to everyone you know.  This is from CNN!  Commonly known in Conservative circles as the Clinton News Network.  Could this be something for Hillary?  One has to wonder. Stolen without permission from CNN News. Clik HERE!!!



Subvet said...

Awesome! Without the slavish support of the Fourth Estate this guy will be history. We can only hope this is a start.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Its about time!

ABNPOPPA said...

Thanks for stopping by guys. You both hit it on the nail. Awesome and it's about time! Wonder if that was posted on the Huffington Post.


Z said...

Hi, ABNPOPPA...just got your email and responded (I almost never go into that address and am SO glad I did today..thank you, dear man)

The site where the CNN news video is 'down for maintenance'..I'll try to check back later; nothing I like better than CNN finally WAKING UP! dare we dream!? :-)

Harry said...

If they can learn and grow at CNN, there is still hope.

ABNPOPPA said...


Good to hear from you again. Since it is a Sunday, I will give you a big, AMEN! on your comment. There is still hope!


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