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Monday, November 2, 2009


Lead, follow, or get the Hell out of my way Mr. President!

You can say what you will about President Bush, 1 & 2. You can say what you will about President William Jefferson Clinton. What you can't say is the level of total and complete ineptness that is in the current Whitehouse was ever remotely reached by either of these Administrations.

I once heard somewhere by someone, a politicians next campaign begins the day after he the night he wins! Surely this is what this Administration was/is trying to do. This Presidents Administration's bungles and bleeps began early. Not first but, one of the firsts was something as small (or large depending on your opinion) was the giving of an iPod* to the Queen Mother. Next we have the bowing incident to the Muslim world. You call it what you will. Which ever side your on it should have never been allowed to happen by the President's handlers. It is now being reported there will be a shortage or Swine Flu vaccine. Didn't the new health Secretary promise plenty of vaccine for ALL Americans. Major news organizations are reporting Chatty Kathy says we will have enough, as soon as supply catches up with demand.* Well yeah! DUH!

President Barack Obama on Friday expressed frustration about the slow pace of production of the vaccine, which has resulted in just 26.6 million doses as of Friday, far below earlier estimates of 40 million by the end of October.

Sebelius said those initial estimates were based on "overly optimistic" predictions by the five contracted vaccine makers for the U.S. market — MedImmune, a unit of AstraZeneca, Sanofi-Aventis, Australia's CSL, GlaxoSmithKline and Novartis.

Now let me get this straight, 5, that's 5 major drug companies, that have been in private business for years, totally and completely underestimated their production rate. That would leave Chatty Kathy very,very smart. But, if Chatty Kathy is very, very smart why didn't she tell the 5 drug manufactures their numbers were wrong and that they should increase their production? Hmmm. Does this sound like a "blame game"?

Should the vaccine go to the most at risk groups first. The vaccine has been given away to those less likely to get the Swine Flu than the most likely. The Kansas City Star reports the H1N1 shots are being give to Gitmo Detainees before pregnant women in Kansas City. Is it being rationed? Is that some kind of "Public Option"? Who in goodness sakes is running this administration?

How about hand picking a General to develop a war plan for you and then saying you would have to more Generals review the plan when you began catching heat from your radical left supporters. Oh that's ok, I really didn't trust that General...ah...what's his name. Yeah, I spoke to him....ah....a couple of times. What was the number? Once in 100* days? I'm gonna make a decision after the re-election in Afghanistan. OPPS, nobody thought to ask the contender if he was "down" with the plan. Guess not he just dropped out. Guess who the new President of Afghanistan is? Can you spell Karizi? I can't! Really I can check the net. It's Correctly spelt Karzai. I know spelt isn't a word, spelled, there, OK. Lighten UP!!! What is your excuse now Mr. President? No re-election! TIMES UP! Make a decision, if you can? If you can't RESIGN!

Now the much ballyhooed "Whitehouse Visitors List" has been released. At least part of it and the #1 visitor is the CEO OF SEIU! Didn't President Obama say he wasn't not following the recent ACORN fiasco? SEIU, ACORN, same, same? To top this little gem off it is only a partial list of six months, that according to the Whitehouse! Didn't President Obama take office in January? Let me see, hmmm. February=1 month, March=2 months, April=3 months. Aw shucks, you do the math! Where is the rest of the invisible (transparency) list?

I'm done. I'm tired of the total and complete embarrassment this administration is causing this country! Now, I'm done.




Subvet said...

You're listing all the reasons I fall to my knees in prayer these days.

The Local Malcontent said...

A worthy rant, Pops, and no need whatsoever to apologize fer it.

As Hillary said once, "I am sick and tired of people who say, that if you debate and you disagree with this administration, somehow you're not patriotic. ..."

Spitfire said...

Pops, don't let the turkeys get you down. There's bound to be an eagle looking for a good meal soon!!!!! giggle,giggle.

You spoke from you heart, and spoke what many of us are saying. So I'd say you're in good company. Therefore no need to apologize. (Eldest son called last night from his military base and basically said all you said and more!!!!)

Just remember Who's in charge...and it's NOT the turkeys in DC. Thing's will be fine....eventually. Shalom, Spitfire

MightyMom said...

ayup, roger that.

Anonymous said...

Dad- can you use smaller font! I have to scroll way to much. I know you are mad and all but...

ABNPOPPA said...

Goodness, I had no idea I would strike such a cord with yo'al. I gotta tell you for the sake of all that felt the same way. I just flat goofed up the font on this post and the more I tried the worser and worser it got! {:-)

To my earthly Guiding Light, Spitfire, You always manage to pull me back to the True and Real meaning of our life on earth. Thank You

I also know that Subvet and Mal are helped also. Your support for me and my "dog in the fight" is and has been unwavering throughout these last couple of years. Thank you both for your prayers.

MM, I will deal with you in an email! Young Lady!


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