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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Coping Out,Well Not Really

Let me explain. I have been working on two posts for about the past two weeks. Both of them very complex for my pea sized brain. Every time I think I am ready to post one of the two somebody changes their, not my program (not computer) but mindset. This confuses the issue/issues. Because of this, I am, in a way"coping out" but, not really. My fellow blogger Subvet has two very good Conservative Posts over at this site and I am suggesting you go there. They are the posts of January 12th, 2009 and January 8th, 2009.

I will however, make two comments on the current Senate Confirmation Hearings being held this week.

1. Yesterday's Labor Appointee wouldn't even answer questions. She stumbled around like a 3rd grader reciting a poem on parents day! Duh

2. Mrs Clinton,this morning, made the sick comment she intends to show America is back. Well I got news for her, AMERICA WAS NEVER GONE! Only to you left wing liberal morons! (I like that word) You haven't been bombed since 9/11 have you. What do you think that is all about? Singing protest songs around the campfire with Jane Fonda and John Kerry!

Peace thru superior weaponry!!!

I'm all thru now. Damn I feel better! Sorry Chaplins and ladies. Liz, analyze this post.

They call me Pops


Elizabeth said...

Not much to analyze.

As for Hillary, I find her to be a whiner. I watched some of the hearing today. When asked a difficult question, she avoided it by talking about the failures of the Bush regime. She is not respected overseas and I don't think she was a good choice for Secretary of State, but maybe she'll grow into the position. We can only hope.

MightyMom said...

Liz, we're only hoping that very thing about MOST of his picks so far.

Pops...get your butt back to writing! I'm running out of stuff to read and cute babies only take you so far....

Subvet said...

Thanks for the endorsement Pops, and AMEN to all you've written here.

ABNPOPPA said...

Liz, Like you I have not been thrilled with President Elect Obama's choices. I am currently working on a post about that very thing. You see MM and others feel the same way. I never really felt she was a strong person either and quite frankly I am getting a little bored by the Bush Blammers. He is not responsible for everything that happens in the world.

ABNPOPPA said...


Here I am begging for some feedback and you tell me not much to analyze. I'm crushed and probably emotionally scarred for life.


Jungle Mom said...

I'm not thrilled with any of the picks either. I do have find it oddly comfortable that the man of change is bringing back so many Clitonians. I guess if we survived them once, we can do it again.

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