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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Correct Me if I'm WRONG!

Sitting here at the desk and surfing the web I came up with this tidbit of information.  I don't recall seeing it on the Democratic News Networks and not even sure if it may have made some of the "Right Wing" TV  shows. However this info comes from an article on Foxnews Nation,.  Here goes anyway. It is also supported by two other sources unlike Harry Reed's trash mouth!

Going back to July 25, this year.

So the story goes President "dope and shame" just happens to stop by a little diner in Portland Oregon.  There are 3 veterans there having chow.  President "dope and shame" stops to chat.  Then the veterans just give him accolades for his Obamacare package and what a wonderful job he is doing.

First, I thank these veterans for their service to their country.  Because of what they did then! Not, what they do now.  To allow themselves to be used as props by a man who only uses the military when he must for political purposes is shameful.  To pretend that this was a casual meeting when it was later learned one vet has worked for the Obama campaign,  an other's wife is an Obama supporter is disgraceful.  These men were coached by Obama campaign personal and drivne to the diner.  Their behavior is not only disgusting but deplorable.

Given a chance to make amends and set the record straight these gentlemen (?) refused to right the wrong and expose President "dope and shame" for what he is and for the way he uses the military.  All three have refused to go head to head on the Victoria Taft show.  I support these veterans in their right to have a political preference and support their candidate.  THAT is what they bravely fought for.  I abhor their cowardice in failing to come forward and admit they were used as pawns.

This is a Conservative Outrage!

PS, Postscript: (for those of you in Loma Linda)

As I continued to surf the net here is another little tidbit of mooching from the far left I find interesting.  Seems a Federal Judge overruled a Hawaii law that says two homosexuals cannot be married. That debate will go on from now til doomsday.  What caught my attention was:

U.S. District Judge Alan Kay issued a 120-page decision that said court involvement at this point would “short-circuit” the legislative activity that has taken place against the issue. A civil unions law took effect in 2011, but the co-plaintiffs in the suit, Jackson v. Abercrombie, argued that only marriage would give them certain federal benefits.

The only reason they want to get  married is to reap the governmental benefits from some hard working people.  Federal Benefits!  President (dope and shame) at it's best!

This is a Conservative Outrage!

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