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Monday, January 10, 2011

Making Political Hay.....While Gabby Lies in Intensive Care

It doesn't take long for the true colors of some politicians to show.  Some, it seems follow the Rahm, (Rambo) Emanuel philosophy  of "never let a crisis go to waste".  Congressman Robert Brady, clik here seems to be a scholar student of Rahm.  Go to the head of the class Mr. Brady!

Congressman Brady was just on the news (FOX) and stated he plans to introduce a bill in Congress making it a Federal Crime to say anything bad about a federally  elected official. The Congressman states it is illegal to threaten POTUS, ere go, it should be illegal, a federal crime, to threaten all federal officials.  That makes perfect sense.  Since we have one and only one, POTUS,  we should elevate all federal officials to that level.   In other words, what we need in this county are 400+ more people who think they are KINGS! I'm on board for that.  Four hundred plus morons who can't figure out if you spend more $$$ than you take in and borrow more $$$ than you can pay back, YOU WILL GO BROKE!

Congressman, let me clue you into to something.  You are trying to make political hay on the tragedy of the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. You si,r are a perfect ASS! (my apologies to those this offends). I saw your interview and never once did you do anything but posture and repeat you "bullseye, crosshairs" talking point. Did you once ask for prayers for the good representative or for the families of the dead or injured?

Right now in my kitchen where Iblog this I am thinking and saying some very bad things about you.  Charge me you godless moron!  Take me to jail for thinking this country would be better without you and those like you.  Charge me you moron! Let me clue you into to some  history.  The reason the Civil Rights Movement was successful was partially because the black community and the white community banded together for a common  cause that was right and just.  Today they band together for a common cause again.  It's to rid Washington DC of despicable people such as you!  Voting you out of office is the common cause.  One other slight issue you might want to think about from out of the Civil Rights Movement. Why it was successful.  There were more people for it than could be put in jail and prosecuted.  Call us THE TEA PARTY.

Is this a post filled with vitriol like you suggest should be punished as a crime or is it just FREE SPEECH.  Think about it you MORON!

For those that read this please, pray for the families of the passed and injured and for  Congresswomen Giffords.

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Adrienne said...

Bravo for a righteous rant!

They fail to mention the vitriol that slobbers forth from the whiner-in-chief.

"They bring a knife, we bring a gun" is just one of many, many childish and inflammatory things Oduffus has said.

I have never witnessed the country in such a state of anger. I predict it will blow up in O-what's-his-name's face.

P.S. I'm baking a cake with a file in it for you - heh

Lana said...

I heard that Congress would be closed for the week due to the AZ shooting. I sent an e-mail to my representative stating this was asinine and that he was sent to DC to work for the people. None of my places of employment closed shop due to the unfortunate circumstances of a fellow employee.

ABNPOPPA said...


Oh, you are so very right. I was listening to the radio on the way home tonight and they played nearly 5 minutes of liberal antagonistic, just mean and horrible things said by the liberal democrats Some guy called the Sean Hannity show and told Sean "he" had blood on his hands. Where do these people come from. Keep the cake handy, Oh, who's that knocking at my door!


I went to work today also. I feel sad for the families but my rent goes on. In fact I worked over about 2 hours and have to go in early tomorrow. I think the American flag at half staff is an honorable thing to do for the passing and for the injured.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


Most Rev. Gregori said...

Our elected officials (and this includes the president) are to blame. How can we be expected to hold them in high esteem when they have no respect for us, the Constitution and their oath of office?

Perhaps the attitude of We the People toward our government and elected officials would change for the better if they started listening to us instead of just stealing our earnings, and if they lived up to their oath of office and started obeying the Constitution.

They should at least give it a try and see what happens.

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