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I would rather live my life as if there is a God, and die to find out there isn't, than live my life as if there isn't, and die to find out there is.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Early Sunday Morning

It's a good thing I usually go to church on Sunday morning.  It does two things; A.  It strengthens my resolve in their is/must be a Creator, B. Gives me an immediate chance to ask the Creator for forgiveness, FROM WATCHING THE NEWS, before church!

News items on the boob tube this morning were:

A. The Phoenix Management Company demanding a Police Officer remove the magnets from his garage door.  The company has a rule for their communities to not allow signs in their communities.  Sounds fair enough except, according to the Police Officer, the magnets do not fall within the parameters of a sign.  Oh ya, the magnets.......say,  God Bless America.

B. Denver must be a great city right?  Didn't John Denver write a song about it.  Isn't Denver where all the great ski lodges are?  The air is clear and bright.  Apparently the air is not so clear and the bright sun absolutely fried the brains of the Denver City School Board and 90%  of the parents.   According to the news, the school board along with the parents have OK'd a plan to pass out birth control devices (condoms) to 6TH GRADERS!  Since most schools tend to lean to the left as the school boards do I don't find this unusaul. Now about the 90% of the parents agreeing with it.  The birth rate among Denver  teenagers is double the rate of the US and the State of Denver, according to the report.  These parents are now passing to the schools the responsibility of making moral decisions.  Gretchen and I raised 3 kids, two boys and a girl.  None of them, were responsible to/for a child born out of wedlock or with the first 9 months of marriage.  Why?  BECAUSE WE TOOK THEM TO CHURCH and PROVIDED THEM A MORAL AND RESPONSIBLE UPBRINGING!!! 

The parents that voted to allow the school to pass out condoms to 6th graders are morally bankrupt and mentally deficient as parents and in child rearing.  They, the parents, should be the ones recieving condoms. This would  insure no more children are born to these lazy, mentally incompetent adults (?).  IMHO, of course.  Isn't this what Glen Beck was talking about yesterday, Honor, Morals, Responsibility?

Well off to church where  I will ask my Maker to forgive me for the above rant.  I hope He has a lot of patience with me.  I am a work in progress.

Have a great Sunday and to the Phoenix Management Company,




Adrienne said...

You'll be in a better frame of mind after church. And even though God may not done with you yet, so far He's done a darn good job!

God bless America and you...

ABNPOPPA said...


Thank you for the nice comment. I hope He's not done with me. I think I am only about half baked!

God Bless you too!


Z said...

We should all go to church and pray for those who'd EVER DREAM of having condoms passed to their children or "God Bless America" taken down from ANYWHERE! What amazing stories!

How did America go THIS WRONG and SO FAST?! xx

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Pops, if you think God needs patients with you, then gosh, He would absolutely be aghast at me.

What to do with a politically incorrect priest?

Hang in there my friend, you will make it, God will see to it.

ABNPOPPA said...

I have no idea how America got this messed up. Personally, I think it was WWII when women went to work in masses and when the men returned home all that money spoiled us. Madilyn O'Hare I am sure had something to do with it. 'Course then there's the abortion issue, and so on and so on and so on.


I do hope this finds your spirits being uplifted as much as possible. It truly is a sad day when one looses his or her mother.
I think we both should be thankful that the women in our lives have preceded us in that journey to meet our Maker. We both may (will?) require a little inside help. What two finer women could we send, your beloved mother and my beloved wife. If any one can help pave the way I am sure those two can and will.

G-d Bless and you both are in my prayers.


WomanHonorThyself said...

thanks for the inspiration!

WomanHonorThyself said...

my pleasure to read your posts and please stop by at WHT as often as u like. God bless!

Jake said...

A couple of points...
First, Denver is NOT known for ski resorts. The good ski resorts are hours away from Denver. I went to school in Colorado (although I now reside in my home state of MA), and trust me, if you are looking to ski in Denver you will be very disappointed.
Second, it is very typical and laughable that a god fearing man such as yourself would find condom distribution appalling. Your post is full of contradictions. On the one hand you post that there IS a problem with teenage pregnancy. A problem, I may add, is NOT solved by "taking the kids to church and providing them a moral and responsible upbringing!!" On the other hand, you are against a reasonable solution (condom distribution) that would may save a young woman from actual pregnancy. Last I checked, having unprotected sex as a teenager and then praying to god doesn't prevent pregnancy. Guess what??? Condoms actually do prevent pregnancy. But you know what, it's cool, if a teenager does get pregnant, you would probably escort her to the nearest abortion clinic...oh wait.


Jake said...

Haha....I leave a comment after you invite me over and you delete it!!! Typical.

MightyMom said...

have you had that shoulder fixed yet?

ABNPOPPA said...

First things first,

To: Jake,

I have NEVER deleted a comment. I have asked commenter to keep it clean but, I repeat NEVER deleted a comment. If you left a comment it never reached me or my blog. You are invited to leave it again. You may also send it to me via email:


Jake, I will leave you with this final comment, If your comment was an effort to show a lack of respect on this blog it will fail.

Riddle me this, Why would I delete your comment and leave one that says I deleted the first one. Many liberals have left comments that remain posted in the archive. All readers know Conservative Outrage is fair and honest.


No, 1000 mg of Tylenol doing well so far. Going to February then I can recoup in Texas, where it's nice and warm! LOL


ABNPOPPA said...


Since you publish anomyyously and you email me anomyously do you want me to post the email you sent me? Email your reply. Oh yes, an email address might be nice would save time and space. Please get back to me.


Spitfire said...

I don't think you're half baked, but if you are, then you're a very nice half baked. Looking forward to how wonderful you'll be full baked. Grin.

And don't worry, Papa has more patience than you know...It is never His will that any be lost to Him. He'll keep working on you. Besides, how do you know you're not doing what He wants you to be doing/saying? Something to think about. Shalom,

Jake said...

Go ahead and post it. I never sent you an email, so I don't know what you are talking about. I did leave a message on your blog, but if you didn't delete it then I take you at your word. I must not have correctly submitted the post. My email is I have used that email for many years. The first character is the letter o, not the number 0. Just in case you didn't get that. My name is Jake A. I live in Massachusetts. I am a proud liberal and atheist who finds most of your blog repugnant. Do you feel like you know me now?? Anything else you would like to know?

ABNPOPPA said...


I will pray for you as I am sure many of my followers will. My son, there is nothing wrong with being a proud liberal. One should take pride in himself and support his beliefs. God gave us the ability to reason and that is what we both do. You have your side and I have mine.

I sense a feeling of want or need in your life. Mainly by your choice of words. And, if you did not send me an email about this posting I find it strange it used your name with a noreply address shortly after I posted my email address for you to send me one.

Having said that, IF YOU say you haven't sent me an email I will not post it since I don't have permission of the person who did send it. Thank you for your email address and perhaps we can exchange em's some time. I am always willing to listen to the other side. I......don't find them repugnant. I believe in listening, learning and trying to understand the other fellow's point of view.

As I said, I will pray for you. Since you are an atheist you may not know Jesus often gave his message to the non-believers and many were converted.

My God Bless and Keep you,


Jake said...

Trust me on this one, I never sent you an email. I would gladly stand up and say so if I did. I have no reason to lie about it. And please save your prays. I am not wanting or lacking in life. Life is good, no need for your prayers.

ABNPOPPA said...

Jake A.

As much as you may not like it or feel disdain for it. You will be in my prayers. You see Jake A, that is what Christian Conservatism is about. Kindness, Caring, Compassion and Christ. He has a plan for you. You just don't know what it is yet.

As you may have noticed I changed my mind and posted the comment from the unknown Jake. I will in future dispatches refer to you as Jake A. Typing Jake, from Massachusetts is too long. Please make sure you put that "A" in there so I know it's from you!



Jake said...

Hey pops...that was my post/email. Sorry I sent it as an email instead of a post. That is what I thought got deleted. So mystery didn't delete my post, I didn't send it to you correctly. Either way, I stand by my original post. Glad you received it!!!! So since I am one in the same Jake/Jake A., I will just sign off as Jake.

Jake said...

By the way pops, I don't feel disdain or dislike you praying for me. I kinda enjoy it actually. It makes me laugh. So keep on prayin!!!! I told you to save your prays cause they are useless, but if you feel like you want to continue and dedicate a post to me, by all means go for it. I do disagree that conservative Christianity is all about kindness and caring. That also makes me laugh.

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