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Monday, April 12, 2010

Heaven IS a Real Place

I'm preaching today so if you don't want to read my sermon clik off now!

Some of my followers may notice the change I have made on Conservative Outrage, some may not.  For those of you who have, congratulations. For those of you who haven't allow me to show you.  Under my quote by Thomas Jefferson I used to have a quote by President Ronald Reagan.  I believe President Reagan was the best President in my time.  Nearly 62 years of which I have been on this earth.  In troubled American times I would read something about him and draw strength and hopefully some wisdom.   

If you look now at the lines under the Thomas Jefferson quote you will see I have changed that to the Holy Bible and a quote from a person a little more knowledgeable and powerful. Why you may ask have I changed to a quote from Jesus Christ?  Simply this,  President Reagan was a great leader for America and the free world.  He dealt from a position of strength and wisdom. When challenged he made wise and intelligent choices that were good for America.  With the current leadership in Washington D.C. it is my personal feeling following President Reagan's course of action is no longer powerful enough.

In the the short period of time that Barrack Hussein Obama has been President of this great nation he has apologized to nearly every nation in the world to include our enemies.  He has placed this nation in debt that exceeds all other administrations combined and he has smitten our closest allies.
Only recently he has had removed the words "Islamic terrorism" from government documents, stated he would not retaliate with nuclear weapons if American was attacked by a non-nuclear country, he failed to have a photo op with, IMHO our strongest ally's Head of State, Benjamin  Netinyahu, Netanyahu, yet met and photo op'ed with the President of France, a less than enthusiastic supporter of America.  Even his wife has stated his home country is Kenya and this as recently as last week.

I have for the last year or so tried to keep my head about me and not "gone of the deep end" when it comes to politics and the new president (lower case is not a mistake, I will no longer address Barrack Hussein  Obama with an upper case "P").  He has not only greatly weakened America as a world power, but also as a financial giant every country in the free world could count on.  America was, and will be again the last bastion of FREEDOM for the world.  After all this I have decided to replace President Ronald Reagan's quote with one by Jesus Christ.  I truly believe it is He and only Divine  intervention that can save America now.

I went to church today and the sermon by Pastor Flesher, of Greencastle Bible Church gave me some pause for thought.  It intrigued me and I believe it may you. I  thought it worthy of some discussion and  hopefully you will too.  In the past I have gotten on my soapbox and preached a little to my followers.  Bless their hearts they never complained they just clik off, I think. I have posted a poll on the blog.  Please take the poll and leave comments.  I really believe this is worthy of discussion.  Pass it on to friends and neighbors.  I more who take the poll  the legitiment the poll will be.


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Subvet said...

Pops, IMO it's definetly a real place with real people. We've been promised by Christ Himself that if we mind our "p's" and "q's", do whats right then we'll get there. Works for me!

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Yes, Heaven is a real place, but people, especially people today, have to get it into their thick skulls that they cannot get there by following their foolish council.

Please forgive me for getting a bit vulgar, but I have noticed how people today are so eager to piss away their God given Rights and Freedoms for "Free government handouts" and feel good sermons fro god-less pastors and pervert priests who hide behind their collars to satiate their perverted appetites. In many ways people today are no better than Esau who sold his birth right for a bowl of lentil porridge.

Heaven awaits us if we would just stuff our pride and humble ourselves before God in true repentance. Then and only then will God heal our land and bless it.

Spitfire said...

Preach on my sweet friend! Yeshua told us that He went to His Father to prepare a place for us. That where He was we could be also. Therefore I believe that there is a heaven. And I love your preaching. I'd love to hear more about what your pastor preached. You left us dangling as to what he'd said that gave you such pause. Be blessed Dear One. He's coming soon. Shalom, Spitfire

MightyMom said...

is Heaven real?
why yes, but what it will look like God Alone Knows.

my thought is that is won't be anything as tangible as this world...and yet I could easily be very wrong.

AirmanMom said...

We have been promised that if we believe that God sent His only Son as our Savior, the doors of Heaven will be open to us. I believe.
(thanks for this post)

ABNPOPPA said...

C'mon folks,

We can do better than 11 votes. Let's get this thing out and about. Is Heaven a Real Place? If so, why? If not, why not?

I will comment on why this struck me in my next post.

Thanks for those of you who have commented and voted.


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