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Friday, January 29, 2010

Shame on you MTSU!

Shame on you Middle Tennessee State University!  Trying to charge the Pro Life Collegians  a security fee at a Pro Life display!  It would have been fine had you charged other campus organizations or charged the fee before.  What were you thinking?  Oh! You weren't! It took only a letter from the Alliance Defense Fund to persuade Middle Tennessee State University officials the error of their ways.  Shame on you MTSU!  Shame, Shame Shame!              Read the complete article here.

NOW! .....they come after young Christian football players.  That's right folks, NOW, the national organization of women(lack of capitalization mine, they don't deserve it) are going after a young Christian football player.  You may have heard of him. His name is Tim Tebow.  He has done a Pro Life TV commercial to be aired on CBS during the Super Bowl.  NOW says it is derogatory towards women. How in the world is a Pro Life commercial derogatory towards women.  I would think it would be anything but derogatory.  Last time I checked on it only a woman could give birth, the gift of life to a child.  Men have been specifically excluded from this honor of life.   What am I missing here?  Is it ME, or is it the gals at NOW! 

Check this entire fiasco out here at

Do you really want these people teaching your children? It seems young Gary Tudesko went duck hunting before school.  Having is hunting weapon in his truck he parked it off the school property.  Key word here is "off".  You see he is aware of the school's No Tolerance Policy. He then went to school.   For using good judgment and common sense he was rewarded by being EXPELLED!  You just have to ask yourself who should be teaching who.      This info was respectfully stolen from the NRA!  You know the drill here.



Subvet said...

The world has gone mad. The only choice we have is to either fight it one day at a time, one battle at a time or just curl up in the fetal position and wait for death.

Oh well, at least it won't be boring!

ABNPOPPA said...

I see you have some computer time. She who must be obeyed must be working. Yep, mad, just stark raving mad. I am choosing the fetal position. I have a fire in the stove and it's really great to sleep in front of it. I think I might have been a dog in an earlier life.


MightyMom said...


you must get up and FIGHT!!

go GO GO GO! GO!! GO!!!

she who must be obeyed.

MightyMom said...

I'd like to introduce you to Lisa, a brand new Military Mom.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Yup, it is now official. THE INMATES ARE RUNNING THE ASYLUM!

We talk, we complain, we protest, but nothing changes, at least not for the best. Perhaps all is over except for the mourning and beating of chests.

Subvet said...

Pops, if you get a chance could you check out this post;

I've already had one retired LEO weigh in on it, I'd value your input. Thanks

ABNPOPPA said...

Subvet, going there now.


The Weak, Superstitious, and Intellectual said...

You guys are fucking retarded.

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