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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Preaching to the Choir.

Preaching to the Choir or Ain't Google Search Wonderful.

It recently occurred to me that I (we Conservatives) have, as my wise father once told me, been preaching to the choir. I know many of us get on our blogs and write great interesting posts and our other Conservative bloggers read them. Then tell us how great the post was and how Liberals need to stop and see the destruction they are causing this great country we live in. But, we are preaching to the choir! We all ready know how much damage they are doing and how great this country is!! IMHO (in my humble opinion for those of you in Loma Linda) Rush joke, we need to preach to the left and liberal. The choir is all ready in the church!

Google Search is wonderful and even a dummy like me can use it. As you will see, I did! Some of the results listed blogs like The Daily Dose (Kos). I won't explain why I call it that. Ariana Huff and Puff and other sites of people who wouldn't believe it was raining outside if they came into the house wet. In that case we would be preaching to the brain dead!
I choose a site that listed both Liberal and Progressive blogs. My reasons were two fold. First, we are all bloggers. As I have seen in these past weeks we are a family. Maybe an electronic family but a family none the less. Since I began blogging about two years ago I have had maybe three comments or replies that were mean and cruel. By picking liberal and progressive blogs we have something in common. Second, Progressive people are not die hard liberals......they are...ah...ah... progressive. Not Conservative but, not liberal. Progressives are looking for change, therefore susceptible or open to a different idea. That makes them fertile ground for sprouting new fruit if nurtured right. Maybe just be a Conservative.

Now this is not an absolute so don't comment back it ain't gonna happen. Some seeds fall on the rocks and are blown away. Some fall on fertile ground and grow. We must sew our seeds where ever we can and help them to grow the best we can.
I did the ol' copy and paste of my search. The list is below. I am suggesting each and every one of us contact at least two of these sites on a weekly basis and try to grow some support for the Conservative cause. You all know President Obama has given us many, many broken promises and comments such as "America has at times been arrogant". By leaving intelligent and reasonable comments on these blogs maybe, just maybe we can do some good in 2012! I leave you with this thought. Some sat on there hands last election and we are in a pickle. Are we going to sit on our hands now? Or, are YOU going to..............
If you take up the CHALLENGE comment and let me know which blogs you are going to go to. I will then go to different ones.
Blogs below:

Liberal and Progressive Blogs


MightyMom said...

good idea! let meknow how it turns out.

can I make a request? your blue script is hurting my eyeballs on the black background. could ya pick a lighter color?? thanks.

AirmanMom said...

pops...this is a great idea! I'm getting ready to get to work, but will make a point of visiting the blogs you have taken the time to list!

ABNPOPPA said...

Thanks ladies!

Elmo said...

What!?! How in the hell did I not make that list!?!

dolphin said...

the real question becomes this. If you are going hoping that people will be open to considering your point of view, are you honestly going with an open heart and open mind to consider theirs?

Elmo said...

Yep. Been there done that. I'm from Texas...

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