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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Silent Majority

I have quietly stood by watching all the Congressmen, Senators, talking heads and government CPA's describe what "may, happen if a $700 billion BAILOUT bill is not passed. I admittedly do not have much of an accounting brain. I really don't know or care how many zeros there is in $700 billion. What I do know is every poll that has been taken in the last two weeks these little people called "the American public" don't want the dam_ BAILOUT. These little people just happen to be you and I and the ones who are paying the bill! We also are paying the salary of these elected officials.

For two weeks it has been one catastrophe after another if this BAILOUT isn't passed. Why? Are we not the Americans who built the Panama Canal, conquered Polio, put a man on the moon, defeated Hitler, and with the help of Al Gore, invented the Internet? Armageddon hasn't come yet and, "I'm still waiting". I thought it was coming last week.

Finally yesterday some of these elected officials in the House of Representatives "stood up to the plate" and listened to what the American public was saying. They told their leaders to stuff it! We are voting how the people of my district want me to vote and that is, NO! My hat is off to everyone of these men and women be they Republican or Democrat. Kudos to every one of them.

Now for some reason the stock market bounced back today after a 700 point loss yesterday. People are still getting paid and buying cars. I got my bagel at Tim Horton's and so did a lot of other people. I am aware there are some consequences to a tightening of big bank credit. My family may very well be affected. My son-in -law is a farmer and uses credit to buy fertilizer and seed in the spring. God willing he has a good crop and pays it off at harvest time. My old pickup truck has 147,000 miles on it and I may be in the market for a new one in the near future. I may have to pay a point more in interest to purchase it. I am willing to do that.

I am not willing to give some guy who can't run a bank more money to run the bank! Why in the world do people who can't run the Medicare system, the Social Security System, or the Veterans Administration think they can run the banking system? I am not willing to give the Congress the chance to get into my life any more than they are now, which is too much!

You all know I think this is the greatest county in the world regardless what some people in the media, in Hollywood, and yes, even in my church say. I have been there and seen poverty where people live in mud huts, have absolutely no medical attention, let alone health insurance. Jacob has told me of times where there would be 4 or 5 children sharing an MRE in Iraq because they had no other food. This IS the greatest county on the face of this earth. We can and will weather this storm with a little grit in our bellies and the common sense the good Lord has given us.

Listen to your bosses, the American Public, elected officials, not to do so would be a
Conservative Outrage!

Contact your elected official and tell them how you feel.

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MightyMom said...

was your bagel good?????

nice post pops.

ABNPOPPA said...

Yes, veggie cream cheese, very healthy!

Jungle Mom said...

I was proud of them, let's hope it lasts.

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