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Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Who?

CAUTION, Conservative Victory!

I don't often get personal in my blogs, hmm. well just a little. Anyway, I just got a phone call from my daughter who's name happens to be Sarah. Did I say she is a Conservative Christian? Did I mention she has a BS degree in Special Education? Oh yes, I don't think I told you she has 3 children, home schools and is expecting a 4th in December. She is married to a farmer who is an Elder in the Church. She called today, right after I got home from work, right after Senator John McCain named Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential running mate. Gee whiz, I wonder why she called me.

"Dad, what do you think of Senator McCain's running mate?" I said, "What do you think?" "It's wonderful, don't you agree?" "Yes," I said, "it's pretty cool." "I can't wait to see what you write on your blog, I know you will have something very interesting to write. " Ok Sis (nickname) Here it is.

Conservative Outrage was not started as a political or Christian blog. Oh well, here goes that idea. I made mention in an earlier blog that Senator Obama and Senator Biden both support Roe vs Wade, the currently legitimate murder of unborn babies. I made mention that is was reported on several major networks Senator Obama helped kill legislation in Illinois that would allow an aborted baby born alive medical treatment. When asked by Rick Warren a couple weeks ago when life began Senator Obama stated that was "above my paygrade" OK, so let me get this right, Senator Obama as the President wouldn't send the best trained, best equipped best volunteer Armed Forces soldiers and sailors and Marines to in Harms Way, BUT, big but, he would allow an unborn child, created through no fault of his own, that has no protection, no training and no option to be born to be murdered! Do I get that right?

Senator McCain's answer on the other hand was,"life begins at conception" That's pretty straight forward and no wiggle room there that I can see.

Now comes the VP picks. Senator, 2nd banana, Biden has long be a supporter of Roe vs Wade. I have all ready reported on that.

Now, enter Governor Sarah Palin, mother of 5, one who has Downs Syndrome. A special needs child. An unborn child with a problem, let's get rid of it, sounds like a good idea to Senator Obama and Senator Biden. Doesn't sound like a good idea to Governor Palin. You see she believes life is precious in the womb or outside it. Just ask her about her son currently serving in Iraq, and a volunteer. I am sure we will find out in the near future what type of metal she is made of but, as for now, I don't think Senator McCain could have picked a better person for Americans who call themselves Conservative and Christian.

There you go sis, that's my posting, I hope you enjoy it.

Love you Sis, Kiss the kids for me, (probably gonna have to call her Sarah now)


A small postscript of my day. A fellow employee casually mentioned she was going to vote for Senator Obama. Why? Senator McCain is too old. Does that really affect his ability to lead? Ah, ah, no. Then why are you thinking of voting for Senator Obma? Ah, Well, ah.. I see a cross necklace around her neck. Do you believe in G-d and Jesus Christ? YES! Then your decision is easy. Huh? You can't be a Christian and support two men who believe it is all right to murder an unborn child can you? Well, no, of course not. Well you either wear that necklace or you vote for Senator Obama, can't do both.


Subvet said...

Way to go abnpoppa!

MightyMom said...

welll now just messed up her whole day, making her think if her convictions are strong enough to vote on huh??

Good on ya!

well THIS Sarah is tickled to the toes about THAT Sarah's nomination, and....should we Reps win...THIS Sarah may just dance in the streets to support THAT Sarah!! And you can tell that to YOUR Sarah too!

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